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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in UAE

When you start a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you are likely to focus on documentation, developing company image etc. However, it is very important to protect your brand identity. That is where the concept of trademark registration comes in. You have to get your brand registered for trademark. This will offer safeguard to your venture from hassles like IP theft and infringement later. You may not be well versed in the nuances of the Trademark Law in the UAE. That is where we step in. Gulf Central is a leading business setup service agency with a track record of aiding hundreds of clients in getting their brand’s trademark registered successfully. 


The trademark registration process in the UAE is not tedious as such. However, by taking our service, you minimize the risk of your application getting rejected. We ensure the documentation is done well and everything required gets submitted in time. We also ensure you do not face unnecessary delays to get your brand trademark reregistered, regardless of its niche. As we handle everything required for trademark registration, you ‘get the scope to focus on other aspects of business formation in Dubai. Get in touch to know more about our trademark registration service. 

You can opt for a Corporate Sponsorship or an Individual sponsorship. However, finding a local sponsor in Dubai or the UAE can be tough, especially if you are venturing here for the first time. At Gulf Central, we understand your needs and offer every possible assistance in finding an apt local sponsor for the venture. We do the needful for locating the sponsor, and you may count on us for submitting documents and verifying credentials too. We will pick the right type of local agent or sponsor based on the type of venture and its scope of operations.