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Professional License

Professional License in Dubai

When you have skill in specific disciplines and want to leverage it to earn revenue in Dubai, you have to apply for a Professional License. This license is also meant for intrinsically service-oriented entities. Such a license is applicable for companies offering consultancy services, healthcare services, accounting etc. It is also applicable for people with skills in trade-oriented professions such as carpentry and legal professions. Artisans and craftsmen can also opt for this license. For getting this license, you have to approach the DED.

One big difference with industrial and commercial licenses is, a professional license in Dubai enables you to own a complete stake in the venture. So, you become a sole proprietor. However, you have to find a UAE national who will serve the role of a local service agent.

The procedure of applying for a professional license in Dubai is not complicated. However, you may not feel confident about completing everything related to the application on your own, and you may also have doubts about meeting all govt. formalities. In that case, do not waste time and contact Gulfcentral.

We have assisted thousands of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds in getting a professional license in Dubai. From handling everything related to documentation to clearing visa applications and zeroing on the right location –we will be there to guide you. We are your best option for everything related to a low-cost business setup in Dubai.
To set up a company in Dubai, which is covered under the Industrial License category, you must submit the required documents and complete each step properly. If you are new to this, seeking the services of a company formation service agency will be of utmost benefit. That is where we step in. At Gulfcentral, we know what needs to be done to obtain clearance for Industrial License in Dubai. We analyze your business needs and suggest an apt location in Dubai. Our team will do everything necessary to ensure your application is submitted to the DED following the right protocols and there are no hassles. Right from the beginning, our team will guide you in the process. Apart from getting clearance for your industrial license, we also help you meet govt. formalities in Dubai for company setup.