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Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation In Dubai - Your Ultimate Partner With The Ultimate Solution!

When a free zone company, an LLC company, a sole establishment opts to close the operation in Dubai and the shareholders along with the creditors are legally entitled to get a share of the assets of the company. This term is known as the company liquidation process in UAE when the company winds up the whole functions in Dubai. But winding the system isn’t as easy as it seems, as there are a plethora of things you need to consider. Some of the things a business owner has to tackle are – cancellation of business name, payment of employees, tax registration cancellation and much more. Before you plan to walk into the cancellation process, all you need to do is have a company by your side – and Gulf Central can help you to tackle the situation.

A Quick Look Over The Documents Required For Company Liquidation In Dubai

Company liquidation in Dubai requires a long list of documents. Remember, the documents for liquidation of an LLC company in Dubai would be different from that of a free zone company. For complete guidance about the documents and legal requirements, Gulf central is ready to offer the best help.

For Free Zone Company Liquidation

  • Liquidator appointment & board resolution
  • Clearance of labor department & immigration
  • Liquidation letter submission
  • Clearance certificate from the authority and business unite
  • Original licence
  • CLD clearance certificate


For LLC Company Liquidation


  • Notarized board resolution
  • Liquidator appointment letter
  • Licensing application & registration
  • Release letter
  • Bank account closure & no liability
  • Letter from the economic development department


For Dissolution Of Branch


  • Original licence
  • NOC from ministry of labor & immigration, bank and RTA
  • Notarized board resolution

Gulf Central - We Offer Company Liquidation Services In Dubai

Company liquidation process in Dubai is quite long and stressful and thus it can be quite difficult for a person to handle the situation and documents. This is where Gulf Central comes with years of experience, knowledge and expertise. We can help you make the business closing process smooth and stress-free. Our experts will ensure that the financial losses are minimized without any legal liabilities. With thorough coordination and administration, our company will ensure that the whole  process of company liquidation in Dubai becomes smooth and stress-free. Furthermore, our experts will guide you about the legal implications. Some of our offerings include:


  • Closing down cost
  • Detailed view of compliances
  • Bankruptcy and solvency
  • Responsibilities of the owners
  • Preparation of business liquidation


In case you’re looking to know more about liquidation in UAE, feel free to contact our dedicated team members. We would be more than happy to help you with everything you need.