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Office Space Solutions

Plan Your Business & Gulf Central Is Ready With The Best Office Space Solutions!!

Whether you’re looking to set up a company in Mainland or you wish to opt for freezone company formation in Dubai, Gulf central is a place where you will get the top-notch office space solutions. We know it’s extremely important for you to choose the best office space location for your business. To make this happen, we are here to offer you the office space solutions that will not only meet the needs of your future clients but also fit best to your employees.

We Work Hard To Offer The Office Space That Suits Your Business!


When it comes to forming a new business in Dubai, getting the documents in order and getting the required sanctions isn’t enough. Until and unless you choose the best office space in Dubai, it’s quite hard for you to run your business flawlessly. For this reason, our team comes up with the top-notch solutions. We consider all the aspects and then offer the space that will enhance the efficiency, productivity and workflow of your business. Here is what we consider before we hunt for the best office space in Dubai.


  • Your budget to establish your new company or form a new business
  • Interior that will suit your employees working criteria. We choose a style that offers the best feeling to your employees, thus helping then to work better
  • Analyze your business needs to choose the space that fits your company size


Different Types Of Office Space Available In UAE

● Flexi Desk

For business owners who are looking for the best office solutions, Gulf central is ready to offer you with the best flexi desks in Dubai. All the spaces are available at the east paying format, so you can rest assured that it won’t hurt your pocket in any way.

● Business Centers

Setting up a new business requires a hefty amount of money and time. And if you wish to ease the burden off your shoulders, you can rent the business centers in Dubai. We always strive hard to offer affordable office renting solutions to the business owners. Our full-fledged office spaces will ensure that each space has multiple facilities in it such as reception, lobby area, meeting rooms, parking, and much more.

● Smart Desk

Extremely suitable for the business owners who are looking to set up their new business as a sole party. At Gulf Central, we always offer the best solutions to our clients, ensuring that they get complete assistance and the suitable workplace that fits their budget completely. In case you wish to have more information regarding office space solutions offered by Gulf Central, feel free to get in touch with our team

● Rented Offices

Renting offices comes with its own hassle and downsides. If not done carefully, it might lead to future complications and legal issues. If you’re considering renting an office space in the UAE, Gulf central can help you with the best rented offices anywhere.

Trust Us As Your Office Space Solution Provider

Running a business requires a bunch of things that a person has to deal with. And having an office space in the best location can help you to gain good profits without compromising anything. To turn the game in your favour, Gulf Central strives hard to provide world-class solutions and services to our clients.


  • We find a space that will benefit your business operations largely
  • Save up on your money, time and effort, by working faster and better
  • A perfect spot for your perfect business
  • Space that fits your business needs and preferences without burning a hole in your pocket


Need Help? Let Gulf Central give you a hand of help!